Jon's Gear

Jon has been playing around with his gear for years and is always in search of the next thing for his tone. Currently, he is basing his sound thru a Sarno Music Solutions Classic Preamp (SMS CTP) into either a Mesa Boogie 50/50 amp or a Carvin DCM200L power amp. All of this generally goes thru a Red Alnico Tone Tubby Speaker with a single 12" cab custom made by Tone Tubby. He also has a JBL E-120 in another custom 1x12 cab for that made by Tone Tubby.



2 Tube Screamers - One modified by Analogman - Silver Mod

Xotic Wah

3 Leaf Audio Envelope Filter

TC Electronic Up and Down

Eventide TimeFactor

Hammond Leslie G Pedal

Earthquake Devices NightWire

LoopMaster Looper Controller



#1 - Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion (DiMarzio Super II bridge, Seymour Duncan Classic 59)

#2 - Fender Stratocaster (D Allen VooDoo 69s)


Below are two examples of the Fender Strat into the SMS Classic > Carvin DCM200L > Red Tone Tubby

I am starting the signal path thru the Xotic Wah > Tube Screamer > Hughes and Kuttner Tube Factor (always on).